***PLEASE NOTE*** Access into the portal does not require registration for use. Registrants requesting Attorney, DCSS, or Justice Partners access will be required to provide additional information.

If you encounter any technical issues or need assistance with the Odyssey portal, please send an e-mail to Please provide detailed information (i.e. Case Number, Party Name, etc..)

The Odyssey portal currently does not allow for users to sign up (or pay) for traffic school online for their traffic citations. Once this functionality becomes available, the Court will provide notification on the portal homepage.

Civil tentative rulings: May be found by using the complete case number in the 'smart search'. The hearing date will include comments with information.

Probate Tentative Rulings/Hearing Comments: To determine whether or not your case is recommended for approval on the next day's calendar, using the complete case number in the 'smart search' locate the hearing date which will include comments with the recommendation. If your case is not recommended for approval and you do not appear in person or by "Court Call" at the time set for the hearing, your petition may be dismissed or taken off calendar as the court may choose.

***PLEASE NOTE*** If you would like to search by case number, please ensure that the 'search by' field is set to 'smart search' and not 'case number'. After confirming this information, you may type in the case number, excluding any judicial officer initials, in the 'search criteria' field and click 'submit' to begin your search query.

***PLEASE NOTE*** The only documents being provided from the court are Minute Orders as of May 11, 2015.

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